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Communication. Left libertarian radio

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Anarchism - Freedom on the air. A 4-part radio documentary
Featuring interviews, speeches and analysis by Howard Zinn, Martha Acklesburg, Ann Hansen, Ashanti Alston, Cindy Milstein, la Federation Anarchiste (France), Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), Jaggi Singh, the Institute for Social Ecology, and others. AND music by Against Me!, Explosions in the Sky, Set Fire to Flames, Anti-Flag, Dead Prez, the Fembots, Ozomalti, Sex Pistols and (...)

LASAR, Matthew " From Dialogue to Dissent: The Pacifica [Radio] Foundation and The Cold War, 1942 to 1964 ’
Ph. D., 1997. 504 P. The Claremont Graduate School DAI, 57, no. 11A, (1997): 4898 “From Dialogue to Dissent traces an institution’s journey from a pacifist communitarian to a liberal individualist philosophy, and outlines the factors that led to that transformation. This dissertation argues that in its first two decades, the first listener-sponsored radio network in the United States (...)


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