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CABET, Étienne (1788-1856) Fondateur du communisme en France

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Dreaming America: How Utopian was the Icarian Experiment? (3)
Introduction Part 1 Part 2. Utopia and the Collective Imagination Cabet caught the attention of such influential people as Marx and Engels who branded him as a utopian and since then this qualification has remained unquestioned. Indeed, the two leaders have largely contributed to create Cabet as a cultural hero of the Left, albeit a hero in the pigeonhole of utopia. As early as (...)

Dreaming America: How Utopian was the Icarian Experiment? (1)
The utopian dimension of historical experiences needs some delineation: did explorers, pioneers and immigrants, experience America as the land of Utopia, as it has often been repeated? What is a utopian imagination of the United States? This is not just a matter of history, but also one of theory, and it raises several issues. Is a word like “utopia” to be understood in the very strict sense (...)

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (March 22, 1812 - May 21, 1886). Mentor for a global utopia
Did you ever hear about "Time Dollar Communities", "Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ)", "alter-globalization"? Andrews, one of the founders of American sociology, was an inspiration for some of our contemporaries who elaborated on those ideas, which he put into practice in his "Unitary Home", in New York City, probably one of the very first urban "communes". His book, The Science of Society (...)


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