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SABATINI, Peter Joseph, Jr. " The Marginalization of Anarchism "

Ph.D. 1995, 347 p. University of California, Irvine Chair : Lewis A. Froman

DAI, VOL. 56-04A, Page 1512

“ The study accounts for the current status of anarchism by explicating the manner by which it was rendered indiscernible, or marginalized, around the turn of the 19th century. Anarchy’s diminution was not in any major way the consequence of government repression (decimation, incarceration). Rather, marginalization was the upshot of anarchy’s ideational elimination within the new "public" domain that opened up at the end of the 19th century relative to the fin de siecle transformation of western society stemming from the consolidation of corporate capitalism. The study demonstrates how the state and business utilized its technological infrastructure of communications to manage consciousness and thereby set people against anarchy”.

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SABATINI, Peter Joseph, Jr. " The Marginalization of Anarchism ", Dernières modifications : 6 juin 2004. [En ligne].
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