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OSTERGAARD, Geoffrey (1926-1990)

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Senior lecturer in government at Birmingham University for most of his academic career, was himself both an anarchist and a pacifist. A member of the PPU and sometime Chair of Peace News Trustees, he was a notable contributor to anarchist and pacifist scholarship, in particular through The Gentle Anarchists (1971) and Nonviolent Revolution in India (1985).


- and Melville Currell, The Gentle Anarchists : A Study of the Leaders of the Sarvodaya Movement for Non-violent Revolution in India. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1971. Bibliography : p. [392]-408. ISBN : 0-19827-179-4

  • See also : MARTIN, Brian "The pitfalls of nonviolent revolution," review of Geoffrey Ostergaard, Nonviolent Revolution in India, in Nonviolence Today, No. 2, pp. 16-17 (April-May 1988).

- Nonviolent Revolution in India. New Delhi 1985.

- Resisting the nation state : the pacifist and anarchist traditions.1991.

- The Tradition of Worker’s Control. 1997, Freedom Press, 154p

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