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Fifth Estate - Spring 2015

samedi 14 mars 2015, par CREAGH Ronald

4 Anarchy in Kurdistan Bill Weinberg
7 Eric McDavid Freed ! FE Staff
8 Armed Madhouse Bryan Tucker
9 Justice for Franco Fascists ? David Porter
11 Sam Mbah Dies Kelly Rose Pfl ug-Back
12 Florida’s Burnpile Press Matt Keene
13 An Anarchist in Berlin Rachael Stoeve
15 Society of the Spectacle John Clark
18 Debt Alex Knight
20 FE History : God Gets Pied FE Staff
21 Protester Cell Phone Guide Electronic Freedom Foundation
23 Autarky in Scotland - Retort

Anti-Marx Section 24-40

Marxism Peter Werbe
The Myth of the Party Murray Bookchin
Throwing Marx Out Kevin O’Toole
Slick-City-Boy-Karly Joseph Winogrond
The Practical Marx John Zerzan
Marx Forgot Women David Adams

36 Under the wall - Poetry Lily S0-Too
37 The Fall of Ekset City - Fiction Margaret Killjoy
40 The Clash & Fifth Estate Bill Blank
41 Live TV or Die Andrew Smith
43 Riots & Black Block Ruhe
45 The FE in Shorts FE Staff