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TURCATO, Davide, researcher

Davide Turcato is a language engineer.

In 2009, as a PhD student with the department of History, Simon Fraser University, Davide Turcato has won the prestigious Governor General’s Gold Medal. This is the highest award granted to a Canadian student for academic achievement and was awarded for his thesis "Making Sense of Anarchism: The Experiments with Revolution of Errico Malatesta, Italian Exile in London, 1889-1900."

He is currently editing the complete works of Errico Malatesta for the publishers Edizioni "Zero in Conduct" and "La Fiaccola".

Number of articles: 12


BERRY, David and Constance BANTMAN, "New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism: The Individual, the National and the Transnational"
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010. 245 p. # ISBN-10: 1443823937 # ISBN-13: 978-1443823937 This collection presents exciting new research on the history of anarchist movements and their relation to organised labour, notably revolutionary syndicalism. Bringing together internationally acknowledged authorities as well as younger researchers, all specialists in their field, it ranges across (...)

TURCATO, Davide."Making sense of anarchism: The experiments with revolution of Errico Malatesta, Italian exile in London, 1889—1900"
Burnaby B.C. : Simon Fraser University, 2009. Theses (Dept. of History) / Simon Fraser University. xi, 421 leaves : ill. Abstract This thesis analyzes the activity and writings of the Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta in the period 1889-1900, during his residence in London, the headquarters of continental anarchism. Malatesta’s thought and action allows us to study the organization and (...)

TURCATO, Davide."Making Sense of Anarchist History: Anarchists, Historians and Rationality"
Author’s Abstract The problem of the "attribution of irrationality" has been widely debated in social sciences. The present paper discussed its relevance for the history of anarchism. The historiography of anarchism is surveyed, to illustrate the many forms in which the attribution of irrationality has occurred. Sociological and philosophical theories that argue for rationality as a (...)

TURCATO, Davide. “Collective Action, Opacity, and the ‘Problem of Irrationality’: Anarchism and the First of May, 1890– 1892,”
Anarchist societies are purposely opaque in nature ; despite appearing simplistic or strange, anarchism may be complex and rational. Journal for the Study of Radicalism 5, no. 1 (Spring 2011): 1–31.

TURCATO, Davide.- "European Anarchism in the 1890s: Why Labor Matters in Categorizing Anarchism
WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society · 1089-7011 · Volume 12 · September 2009 · pp. 451–466

GRAHAM, Robert. Anarchism. A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Vol. II
Black Rose Books, 535 pages, 6x9, bibliography, index Paperback ISBN: 978-1-55164-310-6 $28.99 Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-55164-311-3 $48.99 Contributors include Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, Emma Goldman, George Woodcock, Marie Louise Berneri, Herbert Read, Alex Comfort, Martin Buber, Paul Goodman, Colin Ward, Paul Feyerabend, Pierre Clastres, Ivan Illich, Daniel Guerin and many more. (...)

TURCATO, Davide. "Italian anarchism as a transnational movement, 1885-1915"
INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF SOCIAL HISTORY Vol. 52 (Dec. 2007) pp. 407-444 Part 3. Abstract from author Analyses of anarchism emphasizing cyclical patterns of advances and retreats inadequately explain how anarchism sustained itself over time. They foster a picture of powerlessness before repression and cyclical reappearances as if by spontaneous germination, thus lending themselves (...)


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