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  • Is there a revolutionary method?

    29 March, by s.nappalos — Scott Nappalos
    This is an article critiquing the idea of a single revolutionary method that leads to truth and revolutionary action drawing from dissonance between choosing how to act and the emergence of large scale forces in capitalism. The uncomfortable truth is likely that there is no single approach we (...)
  • Taking Housing Justice Into the Future (Part I)

    27 March, by Eviction Free Zone
    th.jpg The first part of a speech given at the Howard Zinn Bookfair in 2014 on Take Back the Land, Occupy Our Home, and burgeoning housing movements after the financial crisis. read more
  • Unison activists vote to reopen 2015 pay dispute

    25 March, by Steven. — UK, GMB, Labour Party, local government, Steven Johns, Unison, Unite, conferences, strikes
    special-conference.jpg In an almost unprecedented move, rank-and-file Unison representatives in councils and schools voted in a special conference earlier today to tear up the 2014-16 pay deal which union leaders drew up with Labour Party officials and submit a new pay claim on top. read (...)
  • Richmond, California rail conference report-back

    23 March, by Empire Logistics — Empire Logistics, rail, USA
    Bay Area infrastructure.jpg On 14 March 2015, two dozen rank-and-file railroad workers, as well as nine refinery workers who had recently been on strike, gathered in Richmond, California for a conference with the purpose of building bridges with ecologists, especially given the recent spate of (...)
  • Unemployed? Low wages? Bad sex life?! 'The nation' won't help us!

    22 March, by AngryWorkersWorld — UK, AngryWorkersWorld, nationalism
    nationalism6.jpg Article on nationalism and its divisive effect between workers, with a focus on warehouse workers in West London. We are all migrants somehow and as long as we are just a mass of individuals, they will try to make us compete... read (...)

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