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  • The making of a politicized prisoner

    22 May, by Recomposition — Okwute Ekwensu, prisons, Recomposition, USA, accounts, Minnesota, prisoners
    mps.jpg The third installment in Recomposition's 'How I was radicalized' series comes from Okwute Ekwensu. His powerful account describes the experience of leading a criminal life that led to incarceration, followed by his radicalization in prison. read (...)
  • Wreck of Amtrak #188: talking points from RWU

    20 May, by Empire Logistics — Empire Logistics, rail, USA, railways
    Dont_blame_vicitm.jpg On May 12, 2015, an Amtrak Northeast Regional train bound for New York City from Washington DC derailed and crashed on the Northeast Corridor in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eight were killed and over 200 injured, 11 critically. The train (...)
  • The future is kids' stuff

    17 May, by Out of the Woods — climate change, environment, LGBTQ, nationalism
    for our kids.jpg Thinking climate futures through the image of the child and reproduction smuggles conservative assumptions into our understanding and forecloses utopian possibilities. The innocent face of the child looming in the future demands that we enroll ourselves in a particular (...)
  • Standing Together: Reporting from the Portland Renter Assemblies

    16 May, by Eviction Free Zone — USA
    IMG_9506.JPG The Renter's Assemblies are just beginning in Portland, but already they are showing to have the potential to revive a real tenants movement. Today, we started by simply talking to each other. Now we have the relationships we need to move things from the conference rooms into the (...)
  • Growing up during the ‘War on Terror’

    15 May, by Recomposition — D., Recomposition, USA, 2000s, accounts, Iraq war
    18k1nsnnb6s05jpg.jpg The second part of Recomposition's ‘How were you radicalized?’ series brings us to the 2000s. Starting with his family roots in the South African anti-apartheid and American civil rights movements, the author takes us through the post-9/11 and Iraq War era, a time when many (...)

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