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3 ways tech companies can support their employees during the cost of living crisis

Money is tight. Different circumstances ranging from the ongoing war in Ukraine to post-Covid inflation levels to UK interest rates hitting 3% (the highest since 2008) have employers and workers wondering: what can be done to ease the pressure?

Ideally, a single bonus payment has the most impact for employers and is the most profitable for employees, which is probably why 15% of UK companies are planning or have already paid such a bonus. But how can small businesses and those facing cash flow problems support workers?

Thinking outside the box and tailoring a non-financial package to each staff member is one approach. Here are some ideas:

Paid vacation

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When more money isn’t an option, increasing vacation pay can help. Going from a 40-hour week to a 32-hour week or from five to four days allows workers to reduce their childcare or transport costs.

However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While some workers like to have their extra paid vacation spread out over the year, others might want an extra week of annual leave. For employees who want to broach this topic, take a look at your expenses and see what will have the biggest impact.

Subsidized trips or lunches

From a worker’s perspective, subsidized trips or lunches can help ease the financial burden associated with rising utility costs. Meanwhile, for businesses, tax relief opportunities can make the financial burden less daunting.

Discounts and supports

From employee assistance programs that can help those struggling with medical costs to additional discounts such as bike-to-work programs, there are some non-financial benefits included in employee packages that are rarely explored. .

Employee assistance plans can help cover medical costs like therapy or physiotherapy, while additional benefits can help spread the costs of big purchases like a bike or car.

For employers, increasing discounts and support to include subsidized gym memberships or partnering with local retailers on exclusive discounts can put more money in workers’ pockets. If you are an employee, meet with HR and make sure you understand what you are entitled to.

If your manager can’t or won’t offer additional perks, it might be time to explore new options. Global companies known for treating their staff well are constantly hiring on the House of Talent bulletin board. We have selected three being3 ways tech companies can support their employees during the cost of living crisisdown to whet your appetite:

Head of POS Development, kevin.

The role: the advanced A2A payment infrastructure solution from kevin. was created to quickly turn expensive card payments into payments. As a POS Development Manager, you will join the business development team and develop external relationships.

ResponsibilitiesYou will ensure account-to-account payments business grows and analyze markets, competitors, products and other internal and external data to provide actionable insights and insights.

Requirements: You should have experience in POS acquisition or the payments industry as well as a proven track record in managing business development. In return, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary, flexible working hours, full responsibility for your tasks and decisions, and private health insurance.

Apply for the position of POS Development Manager or explore all the opportunities at kevin.

Software Engineer, Starling Bank

The role: As a software engineer at Starling Bank, you will work to build the tooling used daily by our engineers with a focus on open source software.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for delivering software in an entirely original way, such as coding to your own bank account using Starling’s open APIs.

The requirements: You have a strong foundation in Java, knowledge of CI/CD and build tools, and a passion for engineering productivity.

Apply for the Software Engineer position or explore all the opportunities at Starling Bank.

Technology Architect, Infosys

The role: As a technology architect, you will contribute significantly to the identification of the architectural solutions best suited to one or more Infosys projects.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for application design development as well as providing regular support and guidance to project teams on complex coding, problem solving and execution.

Requirements: You have at least seven years of experience in technology consulting, enterprise and solutions architecture and architectural frameworks.

Apply for the role of Technology Architect or explore all opportunities at Infosys.

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