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“Asset Lease for Schools”: AfDB grants $0.2 million in technical assistance – Business & Finance

ISLAMABAD: The Asian Development Bank (AfDB) will provide technical assistance of approximately $0.2 million to support the preparation of a feasibility report to assess various asset leasing models focused on the investment sector education for the acquisition of school equipment, infrastructure and services by public and private schools in Pakistan.

The technical assistance will also develop a program implementation plan and an operations model with appropriate private sector participation, the official documents revealed. Pakistan has recorded significant improvements in overall school participation and educational attainment.

However, it faces serious challenges in providing adequate and quality education to eligible children, with its primary gross enrollment rate rising from 49.1% in 1980 to 94.0% in 2019. Schools lack basic infrastructure and services, including electricity, toilets. , and information and communication technology laboratories for students and teachers, creating an unfavorable learning and teaching environment.

The schools also suffer from a high pupil/teacher ratio (number of pupils per teacher) and stands at 44 for primary schools across the country.

Despite improvements to existing schools and the establishment of new schools, poor general facilities and lack of basic facilities continue to be the main reason for the high dropout rate. Of all school buildings in Pakistan, 55% have fallen into disrepair and are considered unsafe or of poor quality. Only 52% of public schools have boundary walls, electricity, drinking water and toilets, while 11% of public schools have none.

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