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How a Supreme Court ruling limiting access to abortion could hurt the economy and women’s well-being

COMMENTARY In previous decisions, the Court has recognized that there is a link between the ability of women to control their reproductive lives and the economic health of the nation. 1041 words. By Michele Gilman, University of Baltimore

Use of HIV prevention treatments very low among southern black gay men

COMMENT This result suggests that public health efforts will need to overcome the treatment barriers these men face – such as poverty or homophobia – to achieve the national goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. 593 words. By Oluwafemi Atanda Adeagbo, University of South Carolina and Xiaoming Li, University of South Carolina

Why COVID-19 needs to be included in safe sex messages on college campuses

COMMENT Schools have not adequately educated students about the increased risks of transmitting the virus when it comes to being sexually intimate. 894 words. By Tamra Burns Loeb, University of California, Los Angeles; Gail Wyatt, University of California, Los Angeles, and Michele R. Cooley-Strickland

School shootings hit an all-time high this year – but they can be avoided

COMMENTARY School shootings are usually preceded by a series of warning signs. Are educators, police and policy makers paying enough attention? 1068 words. By James Densley, Metropolitan State University and Jillian Peterson, Hamline University

Female color schools do extra diversity work without additional rewards – here’s how to fix it

COMMENT If colleges want to tackle systemic racism within their institutions, they can start by crediting female faculty members of color for work that is overlooked. A group of higher education researchers explains how. 756 words. By Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Alexandra Kuvaeva, University of Maryland; Audrey J. Jaeger, North Carolina State University; Dawn Culpepper, University of Maryland, and KerryAnn O’Meara, University of Maryland

Sea otters show that it’s not just movement in muscle – it can provide warmth, too

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY New research shows that “leaky mitochondria” help keep sea otters warm. 867 words. By Traver Wright, Texas A&M University; Melinda Sheffield-Moore, Texas A&M University, and Randall Davis, Texas A&M University

U.S. biofuels mandate helps farmers, but does little for energy security and harms the environment

COMMENTARY The United States has demanded that automotive fuels contain 10% biofuels since 2005. As this program nears a milestone in 2022, agricultural advocates want to expand it while critics want to reduce or l ‘repeal. 1146 words. By John DeCicco, University of Michigan

Victims of domestic violence do not find refuge in family courts

COMMENTARY The hostility of family courts – both in the United States and abroad – to allegations of paternal or spousal abuse has been widely reported. There is now an in-depth study documenting this hostility. 1116 words. By Joan Meier, George Washington University

Supreme Court signals change on abortion – but will it overturn Roe or leave it to states to decide when “personality” occurs?

COMMENTARY Arguments in a case that could fundamentally alter a woman’s right to abortion have been heard by the Supreme Court. The judges’ questions suggest that Roe v. Wade is on unstable ground. 1279 words. By Morgan Marietta, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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