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Biotech firm to launch $ 57 million project at Ann Arbor ‘flex-tech’ research park


ANN ARBOR, MI – An Ann Arbor development project received a $ 1.2 million grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund, the next step in creating a ‘flex-tech’ space in the park’s technical loop Ann Arbor Research Center.

This is all part of a $ 57 million project planned by Sartorius BioAnalytical Instruments, a supplier of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. In collaboration with Portage Capital Partners, it plans to build a 130,000 square foot facility at 3874 Research Park Drive.

The Michigan Strategic Fund grants are aimed at attracting companies like Sartorious to invest in the state.

Portage Capital Partners confirmed Tuesday, September 28 that Sartorius is the company working from its previously announced “flex-tech” space.

The German company currently has 132 employees at four sites in Washtenaw County. The new site would not only consolidate those sites, but also create 160 additional jobs over the next three years, company officials said.

“The new facility will consolidate existing business operations in Washtenaw County to create a center of excellence in Ann Arbor for laboratory and bioprocess products and services in North America, which focus on providing innovative solutions to help customers to develop drugs that cure, prevent and arrest the progression of disease, ”said Mary Lavin, president of Sartorius North America, in a statement announcing the new facility.

The facility, which is currently scheduled to open in 2023, will house Sartorius’ processing, marketing, research and development, instrument repair services and customer visit center, among other services.

The next step is to get local support, said Cam McCausland, partner of Portage Capital Partners.

“Today’s announcement is really a stepping stone,” he said.

Portage Capital Partners will present the project to the Ann Arbor Planning Commission next week. If approved, it goes to the municipal council.

According to a memorandum provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the city of Ann Arbor plans to submit an application to the Michigan Department of Transportation for financial support for road resurfacing and to consider a Brownfield TIF work plan and a reduction in property tax.

The developers want to innovate by the end of the year, McCausland said.

“To have a center of excellence there is a huge victory for the community,” he said.

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