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Church members reflect on memories of Officer Tyler Moldovan


PHOENIX – Deep in the brass section of the Romanian Pentecostal group Happy Valley, you might spot Tyler Moldovan, one of the tuba players.

Last weekend, he took part in a performance at an evening service.

He played a few days before going to work as a Phoenix Police Officer and answered a call that ended in eight bullets.

“It’s a complete shock to us,” said Claud Olar, one of the church group’s directors.

“We’ve known Tyler since birth,” he said.

He says Tyler’s grandfather was one of the founding pastors. The church now has approximately 2,800 members.

Current senior pastor Cornel Avramm tells us he was baptized under the same roof where he recently married in May.

Cornel avramm

Tyler’s Moldovan wedding

Avramm sent us a photo of Tyler in 2009 wearing big scissors cutting a ribbon on a new shrine. He said Tyler was reluctant to cut the tape at first, but eventually said, “If God wants me to do it, then I will.”

Olar says Tyler has a dedicated work ethic and loyalty to everything he does.

“He did it in school, elementary, high school, police academy and working full time,” Olar said.

The pastor tells us he asked Tyler why he chose law enforcement after graduating … Tyler told him, “protect and serve.”

“The best way to honor him is to do what he loved – is to play,” said Olar.

The community can donate help the Moldovan officer and his family through the Phoenix Police Foundation, an organization designed to provide financial assistance to ministry employees and their families.

The Moldovan officer remained in critical condition on Wednesday, according to his family and the Phoenix Police Department.