Technical assistance

County commissioners take care of day-to-day business


SANDPOINT – Tuesday’s County Commissioners meeting dealt with a slew of housekeeping matters, with the board allocating $ 519,455.59 in county money for ammunition purchases, rental and routine expenses.

Starting with approving the consent program which included five liquor licenses, two minor land divisions and $ 39,936.57 in bills from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office for new car parts and ammunition.

The clerk’s office filed two actions before the commission, both claims and claims packages totaling $ 469,519.02. The funds are used for the day-to-day budgetary expenses of county agencies, including emergency services. The commissioners approved both articles.

The assessor’s office asked the commissioners to approve a contract with Canon America Inc. for the rental of a copier at the Priest River DMV. The lease costs $ 142 per month. Commissioners approved the deal.

The Election Office requested permission to destroy records from a distant past election because they were kept for the mandatory length of time described in the Idaho code. The decision was reviewed by the committee’s legal team and the commissioners unanimously adopted the resolution.

The Roads and Bridges Department obtained the commission’s approval to apply for a $ 100,000 grant from the Local Highways Technical Assistance Council. The funds will go to rebuilding Garfield Bay Road in 2023 if the county obtains the funds.

The planning department went before the commissioners to ask to hire a private contractor to help the ministry with the grant application process. Funding, if granted, will go towards the construction of a second access road in the Whiskey Jack area that would connect to Oden Bay Road. The commission changed the action point, stipulating that it would only pay the contractor in installments of $ 10,000, with progress reports each time.

Subsequently, Bonner County Commission Chairman Dan McDonald suspended the meeting for a brief period for an executive session during which they discussed two steps to take regarding the hiring of staff.

The County Commissioners Council holds public meetings every Tuesday at 9 am in the Administration Building at 1500 US 2. Members of the public may comment on matters not on the agenda at the start of the meeting. Those interested in participating virtually can do so via Zoom or by streaming to the Bonner County YouTube channel where an archive of previous meetings can be viewed.