Financial assistance

CPS Energy warns of June bill shock and offers financial relief

CPS Energy is offering assistance to customers who may experience a bill shock, as the June heat wave kept air conditioners and fans running extra.

The city has seen several record hot days this month with temperatures well over 100 degrees.

“We’re probably looking in total for customers to see an average increase of about $50 from May through June,” said Deanna Hardwick, executive vice president of customer strategy at CPS Energy.

CPS Energy urges customers with high energy bills to contact helpful utility energy advisors for direct assistance and to discover other resources to save energy and money.

“We want to help our customers by providing simple tips for staying comfortable, saving energy and avoiding astronomical bills,” Hardwick said. “For those with high bills, please call us. No one needs to be disconnected. Most of the clients we can talk to get help getting them back on track.

The city-owned utility offers a budget payment plan. The customer’s annual energy bill is averaged over the past year, a small percentage is added to cover environmental factors and changing fuel costs, and then the bill paid is the resulting amount each month. The customer’s account will be reviewed periodically and necessary adjustments will be made based on actual usage, according to a press release.

CPS Energy said customers can also receive text notifications when their bills increase so they can adjust their energy usage and manage their usage throughout their remaining billing cycle. Customers can see the energy they are purchasing in near real time via My energy portala feature of Manage my accountCPS Energy’s free online service center.

Customers can also track beat the heat campaign to help manage energy bills, save energy and support state grid reliability. On peak days, between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m., guests are asked to avoid using major appliances and to set the thermostat above 78 degrees if their condition permits. Electric vehicle charging is expected to happen overnight, CPS Energy said.

The Residential Energy Assistance Partnership or REAP provides up to $400 in payment assistance per year for eligible customers. You can apply on line or call (210) 353-2222.

The utility’s Customer Outreach Resource Effort team reached out to nearly 6,000 customers to offer more than $11 million in support in the first three months of this year alone.