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Expansions added to Hays County veterans program


Residents can find relief through several assistance programs offered throughout Hays County, including the “Hope 4 Hays County Veterans” program.

The program was established in July 2020 and was originally designed to provide assistance such as past due rent, mortgage, and utilities for local veterans.

“We’re finding that there are a lot of families who need financial help but maybe not necessarily have their rent paid,” said case manager Cheryl Robinson.

The program has recently expanded to include assistance with paying for auto insurance, cell phone bills, and medical assistive devices not obtained through the Veterans Administration (VA).

The program is funded by a $ 100,000 grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund, which was recently renewed for the same amount. In addition to veterans, the program provides assistance to dependents and surviving spouses.

“We can also help with certain funeral expenses such as cremation urns,” said Robinson. “We can help get the flags and medals the veteran would have been entitled to for the families for the funeral. ”

Like many others across the county and nationwide, COVID-19 has severely affected jobs and people’s ability to pay their bills.

“Instead of having homeless people or people who have to leave their homes, we can help them catch up with some of these payments and maybe help them work with their landlords to keep them in their homes,” Robinson said. .

While the program can only work with individuals once per grant year, Hays County Veterans Services can direct those still looking for help to other helpful resources.

To qualify for the program, individuals must complete an application and have proof of their service and that they have not been fired without honor. Dependents and surviving spouses must also present evidence such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or anything from the VA that shows proof of service.

“If they need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us,” said Robinson. “Sometimes the process can be a little intimidating … but we’ll work with you and if we can’t help you there are so many resources.”

For more information or to request assistance, visit or email Cheryl Robinson at [email protected] Residents can also call Veterans Services at 512-392-8387 or 512-781-8489. The office accepts faxes at 512-392-7718.


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