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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. – When the military, their families, Defense Department civilians, and retirees here need support – or just someone to talk to – Fort Leonard Wood has many options available.

Below is a list of some of the programs and agencies – listed alphabetically – that are happy to assist you.

American Red Cross

The Fort Leonard Wood American Red Cross office is located in Room 1130, Building. 470. Although they are best known for their blood drives and emergency communication skills, the Red Cross does much more than that. They offer skills-building workshops tailored to the unique constraints of military life, for service members and their families. They are also partnering with military aid societies to connect military personnel and their families 24/7 to emergency financial aid. Call 573.596.0300 for more information.

Army emergency relief

Army Emergency Relief is the U.S. Army’s nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating financial distress within the force through grants and zero-rated loans for active and retired soldiers and their families. The AER Education Program is a side mission designed to help Army families meet education costs through three separate scholarship programs. Service members from any branch are encouraged to call the AER as well – they will help Airmen, Sailors and Marines find help. To donate to AER, call 573.596.2595 or 0212. To request AER assistance, call 573.596.3154. Visit for more information about the program.

Army Drug Abuse Program

The Army Drug Abuse Program attempts to prevent and treat the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs among the military, DOD civilians, retirees and family members of the community of Fort Leonard Wood. This is accomplished through drug abuse risk reduction education and training designed to raise awareness and reduce high risk behaviors. Additionally, ASAP leads the facility’s suicide prevention efforts by providing identification, response and follow-up resources. Call 573.596.0938 for more information.

Army wellness center

The Army Wellness Center offers a variety of programs including body composition assessment, metabolic analysis, health coaching, exercise prescription, fitness assessment, stress management and general wellness courses. Call 573.596.9677 to make an appointment. No reference is needed.

Behavioral health

The Behavioral Health Section of General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient mental health services. The inpatient wing can be reached by calling 573.596.0447. The Behavioral Health Service Line offers adult outpatient counseling and medication management for active service members, retirees and family members, as well as outpatient services for children 6 and under and adolescents . Call 573.596.0522 for more information or to make an appointment.

Children and Youth Services

Fort Leonard Wood Children and Youth Services help service members and their families balance military demands and parenting responsibilities. Call 573.596.0238 for more information.

Education center

The Truman Education Center operates the Army’s Continuing Education System which provides continuing and adult education services to military personnel, adult family members, DOD civilians and retirees. This includes professional development programs such as college and postgraduate courses, counseling and testing, and basic skills courses. They also help transitioning military personnel acquire internships as part of the Professional Skills Program. Call 573.596.0172 for more information.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential service for all civilian members of the community (DOD employees, family members and retirees), providing short-term counseling and guidance. Whether you just need someone to talk to about work stress or need help finding resources for addiction, family, or mental health issues, the EAP can help. Call 573.596.7199 or email [email protected] for more information.

Exceptional program for family members

The Exceptional Family Membership Program provides comprehensive support for family members with special needs. The EFMP takes a holistic approach to coordinate community military and civilian, educational, medical, housing and personnel services to assist soldiers and their families with special needs. An exceptional family member is a family member with a physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling, and who meets the eligibility criteria. . Call 573.596.2784 for more information.

Family rights program

The Family Advocacy Program develops personal and family issues management programs and initiatives to prevent spousal, intimate partner and child violence. The FAP ensures prompt assessment and investigation of all unrestricted reports, ensures the safety of victims of abuse, and provides support and treatment services to victims, family members and offenders. In addition, the program runs four-week anger and stress management courses. Call 573.596.4268 for more information.

Financial preparation

Financial Readiness offers training and one-on-one sessions on topics such as budgeting and money management, credit and debt management, home and auto purchases, identity theft and awareness. of consumers, intervention with creditors, permanent change of moves, financial security clearance issues. and investing in a savings plan. Call 573.596.2078 for more information.

Counseling for military and family life

The Military and Family Counseling Program supports military members, their families and survivors with non-medical counseling. Trained to work with the military community, Military and Family Life Advisors provide valuable face-to-face counseling, briefings and presentations to the military community both on and off the facility . Call 800.342.9647 to speak to an advisor.

A military source

Military officers from a 24/7 source and confidential one-on-one assistance to military personnel and their families to achieve their goals, overcome challenges and thrive in areas such as family and relationships, relocation and housing, finance and law, education and employment, and health and welfare. Call 800.342.9647 or visit for more information.

New support program for parents

The New Parent Support Program provides one-on-one education, support and resource support to parents from the prenatal period to the youngest child’s third birthday. The program also offers Bundles of Joy, a six-week course for expectant parents. Call 573.596.2936 for more information.

Nutritional Care Division

If you are looking for advice on overall nutrition, weight management, physical performance or specific dietary needs, call GLWACH’s Nutritional Care Division at 573.596.1762 to make an appointment with a registered dietitian. No reference is needed.

R2 Performance Center

The Ready and Resilient Performance Center at Fort Leonard Wood offers world-class training in positive psychology and performance enhancement. Service members, their families and DOD civilians can learn techniques to maintain motivation while setting realistic and achievable goals. Call 573.563.4174 for more information.

Religious support office

The Religious Support Office offers free and confidential marriage and family counseling as well as individual therapy to improve relationships with oneself and with others. RSO offers religious education by a professional religious educator to better understand one’s religious beliefs. Call 573.596.1227, 2695 or 0089 for more information, or if you just need to talk to someone.


The Army’s Sexual Harassment / Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention Program strengthens the military’s commitment to eliminating incidents of sexual assault and harassment through a comprehensive education-focused policy, prevention, integrated victim support, early reporting, thorough investigation, appropriate action and follow-up. Victims are encouraged to contact a Victims Advocate or Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, who is available to coordinate victim support services and inform victims of their rights and reporting options. Call 573.855.1327 for more information.

Clinical care of substance abuse disorders

Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care at GLWACH provides confidential counseling and rehabilitation to service members struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Call 573.596.0522 for more information.

Survivor Support Services

Survivor Outreach Services helps families of deceased active duty and retired military members solve problems and ensure they can access the resources they need. They can also help make sure the military is prepared should something happen. In addition, SOS offers resilience classes and one-on-one discussions. Call 573.596.0195 for more information.

Transition assistance program

The Fort Leonard Wood Transition Assistance Program is designed to empower members and civilians of DOD to make informed career decisions while allowing them to capitalize on their experience and skills. Call 573.596.0175 for more information.

OSU transitions

United Service Organizations’ Transitions Pathfinder program increases the services provided by TAP. Call 785.492.9207, or email [email protected], for more information on the Spouses’ lounge, which assists incoming and outgoing military personnel and their spouses in their search for information on employment and education opportunities, financial preparation assistance and veteran benefits. The living room is located on the second floor of Bldg. 470 – rooms 2226 and 2226A – opposite the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Report System, or DEERS, ID Card Office.


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