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Google Search Drops “Old” Browser Support for Internet Explorer 11


Google has finally severed its links with Internet Explorer after confirming that search support for IE 11 will now be discontinued.

Over the past few years, we have seen a decrease in the number of users who were using the old browser, as many options are much better, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer 11 says goodbye to Google search

Google Search users can now have a “fallback” experience when using Internet Explorer 11 – here’s why:

According to an initial report from 9to5Google, you can no longer access Google search when using the latest version of Internet Explorer 11. Although you can still use the browser, you can only perform simple searches with Explorer.

Regarding these changes, Malte Ubl, a software engineer at Google, said the evaluation found that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer viable for web browsing.

Most likely, users will prefer other browsers with advanced features over IE.

Google is gradually moving away from the old option.

In September 2021, StatCounter reported that Internet Explorer recorded a desktop browser market share of over 1% in the same month. This means that there are still quite a few users who are using the browser.

Although the 1% of IE is a far cry from the 67% of Google Chrome, these statistics mean that even some companies use Internet Explorer for other applications, according to 9to5Google.

Microsoft will remove Internet Explorer next year

According to another story posted by Android Police on Saturday, October 2, Google isn’t the only tech company to switch from Internet Explorer.

The Redmond firm, Microsoft, also thinks the same thing.

The source revealed that the company will be phasing out the browser next year, June 5, 2022. Currently, Microsoft users can still browse with Internet Explorer because the Edge browser has IE mode.

While Windows 10 may still have Explorer, the upcoming Windows 11 operating system will no longer bring IE.

When using Internet Explorer, people might have a “fallback experience” as the Google engineer mentioned in his Tweeter previously.

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Google search hacks and AR effects

Last April, Google Search introduced a new set of AR effects.

At the time of writing, those using Android 7.0 Nougat up to the latest version can enjoy Enhanced Augmented Reality. Here is the full list of them:

  • Little twin stars

  • Gomora

  • “Evangelion” (test type EVA-01)

  • “Gundam” (Ulysses Gundam, Xi Gundam, Penelope)

  • Cogimyun

  • The drums of “Taiko no Tatsujin”

  • Pac-Man

  • “Ultraman Zero”

  • “Ultraman”

  • “Ultraman Belial”

  • Pompompurine

By accessing it, you can access through your smartphone. You can now start researching AR effects. Once you are done choosing an effect, tap on the 3D option and the Show option to incorporate the AR into the 3D.

Meanwhile, you can also learn different Google search hacks like using quotes and hyphens to name a few.

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