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iPhone SE 2022: For people “who just want an iPhone”

Apple’s iPhone is its most important product.

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What is happening

Apple is expected to announce its latest smartphone, the budget iPhone SE, on Tuesday.

why is it important

While the device typically doesn’t include any surprising new tech, it does offer a modern iPhone for far less than the $699 entry price of a standard iPhone 13.

And after

The key this year will be 5G wireless. As mobile operators around the world shut down 3G this year, they want everyone to think about the latest. An iPhone SE 5G can help.

Editor’s note, March 8, 2022: The iPhone SE 3 is one of many new products announced today by Apple. The company also presented its new green color option for iPhone 13 and 13 ProAnd one Updated iPad Air. We also have a release date for iOS 15.4. You can check out everything Apple debuted at its “Peek Performance” event here.

Since its introduction in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has been known as a premium device, with a price to match. But to Apple’s “Peek Performance” event on March 8the company should turn to its cheapest smartphone: The iPhone SE. GameSpot’s live blog has the latest.

Unlike the $699 iPhone 13 or $1,099 iPhone 13 Pro Maxthe iPhone SE is not meant to impress with cutting-edge features like super bright screens, part detection lasers Where macro photography as much as it’s supposed to satisfy for a much lower price of $399.

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“The first iPhone SE was a hit with many customers who loved its unique combination of small size, high-end performance and affordability,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s former chief marketing officer, said in a statement. release when the latest iteration was announced two years ago.

Apple has not given its opinion on this this next iPhone SE aura, but it should support 5G wireless as a standout feature. This might sound like old news to anyone who’s had a 5G phone for two years. But it could attract people who would otherwise be reluctant to buy a phone that costs about the same as a month’s average rent.

“It’s an iPhone for people who don’t want all the bells and whistles — they just need a phone, and that’s what it ticks,” the CCS Insight analyst said. Ben Bois.

Part of Apple’s success over the years, he added, has come from offering a line of products that deliver what a variety of people want. “Not all Apple buyers feel like they need to be on the cutting edge of technology,” he said. “They just want an iPhone.”

Apple’s likely iPhone SE upgrade comes at a time of international turmoil. The company’s event will be broadcast from its headquarters in California, about 6,000 miles from Ukraine, the country at the center of Europe’s biggest war since World War II. And the fighting, caused by Russia’s unprovoked invasion, comes as the world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus continues to spread amid global vaccination efforts, infecting more than 52 million people in the past month alone, killing more than a quarter of a million. Business leaders, who navigated supply chain nightmares, employee health and rising inflationsay they still don’t know when life will return to normal.

Hey Siri, give us a hint!

CNET reviewer Patrick Holland called the iPhone SE 2020 “the best value for money of any phone Apple sold” when it debuted.

James Martin/CNET

Push 5G

The new iPhone SE isn’t expected to be Apple’s only product announcement on Tuesday. There are rumors that the company is preparing new iPads with updated designs, faster chips and potential support for wireless charging. In addition, it is planned to update its Mac Mini, the $699 computer it’s a bit smaller than a coffee table book, meant to plug into a separate screen, keyboard and mouse.

But the iPhone SE could still grab attention once the event is over, representing not only the cheapest iPhone, but also the last in the company’s lineup to run on 5G wireless.

Apple executives have repeatedly said they believe many people still need to upgrade to the new wireless standard, in which phone carriers have invested billions of dollars in network upgrades, new cell towers and other efforts. to make technology work.

Cell carriers are also closure of old 3G networks, introduced even before the first iPhone. Most people have switched from 3G over the years – carriers say a fraction of their network traffic now comes from 3G devices – but some people who keep older phones will be forced to upgrade.

“It’s not about price – it’s about acknowledging that there is a segment of the market that either has an emergency phone or doesn’t have a love affair with their smartphone like others,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies. She noted that Apple also offers free software updates to iPhone owners for much longer than competitors, which has helped keep older phones in circulation as second-hand or second-hand devices.

All of this may add up to another moment for Apple’s iPhone SE to shine even brighter.

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