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Livestock startups offer high-tech solutions to the livestock industry

Away from the nation’s capital, almost touching the Pakistani border, some of the farms are run under end-to-end control by a startup for strict quality control.

Managed mainly by young people, this Startup has developed a series of farms and the necessary ecosystem that ensures that the milk drawn from the cows arrives at the collection center faster and without contamination. It sells A2 natural milk under the ‘DesiGo’ brand in the B2B and B2C domain.

The startup Bhairaj Organics Private Limited monitors every step 24/7 so that the milk is tracked from the udder to the collection center and hence charged at a high price due to the confidence in the quality.

The same confidence has helped Bhairaj Organics Private Limited in its participation in the “Start Up Grand Challenge 2021” announced by the Department of Animal Husbandry. And not only did they enter the competition, but they were also declared one of the 12 winners.

“We have installed cameras everywhere. Every step is monitored carefully. This way we have ensured not only the quality, but we can also take care of any issues that may disrupt the supply chain,” said Mahaveer Singh of Bhairaj at IANS in Delhi as he arrived. collect the prize.

Being a remote region, they face problems especially with internet connectivity. “We are also working on this. We have, for now, developed a system where recording continues regardless of internet connectivity and data is downloaded even if the signal is available for a very short period of time,” he said. -he declares.

As far as success goes, more and more farms are coming forward to have this system and also, more and more contractors are looking to replicate something like this.

Without surprise. Dozens of young entrepreneurs are turning to the agriculture, dairy and livestock sector and making it a successful business by adding value to products or providing solutions that can ease the burden on the small farmer.

This was the second edition of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying with Startup India launching the “Animal Husbandry StartUp Grand Challenge 2.0” – to seek innovative and commercially viable solutions to address six challenges faced by the animal husbandry sector and dairy products.

“We had found many startups doing good work among farmers and wanted to get it to real farmers and ranchers in need. The challenge offered specific problems and sought local solutions,” said an official with the Department. is important because there are many expensive technological solutions available in the market for those who can afford it.

The six problem statements were: development of cost-effective, long-term, user-friendly alternatives for storage and delivery of semen doses; Development of cost-effective animal identification (RFID) and traceability technology; Development of heat detection kits; Development of pregnancy diagnostic kits for dairy animals; Improvement of the existing milk supply chain from the village collection center to the dairy factory, and Development of a low-cost milk cooling and storage system and data logger.

On June 1, Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Industry, awarded winners in six categories during the “Conclave Unnat Pashudhan Sashakt Kisan – the Conclave of 75 entrepreneurs and l ‘Exhibition of 75 Native Cattle Breeds’ held here.

Another winner was Prompt Innovations Private Limited from Ahmedabad, another startup that provides energy-efficient and sustainable cooling for milk. India is the largest producer of milk, but most of the time moving milk over longer distances is hampered by the lack of cooling facilities.

Prompt’s “MilkoChill” is an instant milk cooler that helps extend its shelf life at the source itself. It mainly helps to avoid milk spoilage in addition to other benefits.

The other winners were: Simsupa Electronics Private Limited, Machphy Solutions Private Limited, Koshbio Private Limited, iVET LLP, Flexdrop Technology Private Limited, Statlogic India Private Limited, Ravi Prakash, Atsuya Technologies Pvt Ltd, Humawings Private Limited and Seragen Biotherapeutics Private Limited.

There were over 150 entries. A three-step judging process followed before the winners were declared.

The 12 winners would benefit from an incubation of up to three months, a pairing of mentors, a laboratory and even testing facilities, organizing workshops for companies and investors. There would also be virtual Master Classes.



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