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Local man providing financial aid for pharmaceuticals with new nonprofit organization


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – A man helps others in SCAR after his own fear of health.
Wayne Canty wants to give back after surviving a long battle with congestive heart failure and other health issues for nearly two decades.

“God gave me this vision to come out and build this foundation,” said Wayne Canty, founder of Heart to Heart Pharmaceutical Assistance Foundation.

Canty is called a miracle.

Canty says, “I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2004 ″ Butt” The first thing I said was am I dying “

Canty had his first surgery that same year. He had an L Vad bag attached to him and was put on medication, which then damaged his kidneys.

“And that was because of the fluid that was building up in my body to get to my heart because they were trying to keep the fluid from coming out of my heart, it was like a catch 22, like well we’re gonna get fluid around your heart, but it could hurt your kidneys during the process, ”he said.

Canty had been taking this drug and this bag for almost a decade, but last year he finally got the news he was expecting.

“He says, Mr. Canty, that we have found you a heart. He said we had to have you implanted in the next 72 hours and then after that we went for a kidney transplant, ”Canty said.

Canty received her new heart on December 9 and her new kidney on December 13. It was 4 days before his 56th birthday. He says his journey led him to found the Heart to Heart Pharmaceutical Assistance Foundation.

“God gave me the vision, he said well Wayne, someone gave you a heart, someone gave you a kidney, I want you to go and start this foundation,” said -he.

Canty says that after taking medication for his health issues, he knew firsthand how expensive it can be. His foundation will cover the costs of prescription drugs for those who cannot afford them.

“I’m not trying to create a new entity, I just want to be another resource for people who need it,” Canty said.

And now he’s celebrating his partnership with Barney’s Pharmacy on Peach Orchard Road.

“We don’t want anybody to come out of Barney’s pharmacy and say, well, we want to hand this drug over because I don’t have $ 15, we don’t want that to happen and I promise you it doesn’t. will not happen Not while my foundation is tied to Barney’s Pharmacy, “he said.

Now he’s appealing to the community to help him to grow this foundation.


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