Tech support

Local students trained to be the technical support of their schools

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) — At Lake Belton High School, students will now also be tech support after completing a training program through computer company Acer.

Since pandemic computers have become a central part of learning for students and at Lake Belton Highschool and all Belton ISD schools, each student has their own device.

This represents approximately 2,000 student and employee computers. For Angela Finn, the school’s technology assistant, that means a lot of repairs.

“It’s job security,” Finn joked. “But it’s a lot of work.”

She is soon relieved of the extra work once the students are all fully trained to offer technical support. Students troubleshoot and fix software and hardware problems.

The students took an online Acer course and also take a hands-on approach by disassembling computers for practice.

Seven students have already received their certification.

“It could be anything with the computer,” sophomore Rylan Reasoner said. “It could be the screen, it could be the keyboard, it could be the touchpad, it could be the stylus,” he said, pointing out the wide range of issues they can fix.

School staff say student help with technical support is a big help in minimizing disruption to learning.

“It takes a lot of downtime for kids who don’t have computers,” Finn said. “So when they can fix them, we should be able to fix them in less than two days instead of waiting almost two weeks for the return.”

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a paid internship at Acer this summer.

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