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Chapter 1.- The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto
PDF - 278 kb
The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto by Max Cafard
Download the whole chapter (pdf).

Download the whole chapter (pdf).
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mercredi 19 juin 2013
The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto Video
The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto from Max Cafard on Vimeo.

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Sunday 21 October 2007
-1- Dedication
Here we cast anchor in rich earth.
— Tristan Tzara,
Dada Manifesto (1918)
3[; For our Mother the Earth, we set sail on Celestial Ships. Anchored in Erda, we ride the wind. For Gaia, we take flight, spreading terrifying Cafardic wings. No longer trembling at the emasculating, defeminizing sound: the Name of the Father. We re-member Mama. Papa dismembered Mama. We now re-call the suppressed Names of the Mother. Anamnesis for anonymous Inanna. A surre(gion)al celebration, a Manifestival for Mama Earth. This is dedicated to the One we love. For the One Big Mother, in her thousand forms, here (...)

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Friday 23 March 2007
-2- Principia Logica
Breton said "we are still living under the reign of logic."
Today this is true more than ever. Indeed, we are now living under the Acid Rain of Logic.
There are Logics and there are Logics. Eco-Logics, Geo-Logics, Psycho-Logics, Mytho-Logics, Ethno-Logics, Socio-Logics, Astro-Logics, Cosmo-Logics, Onto-Logics, Physio-Logics, Bio-Logics, Zoö-Logics, et cetera.
Yet all of these are transformed into subsets of the one universal Techno-Logic. Techno-Logic, the death of Truth. Techno-Logic, the enshrinement of Truth. The burying of Truth under a crushing burden—under a Wealth of (...)

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Thursday 22 March 2007
-3- Off Center
The Region is the end of Centrism.
Centrism is an obsession. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with obsessions, as long as we know that we’re obsessed. Take, for example, Mr. Alan Fairweather, whose entire life revolves around his obsession with, study of, and consumption of potatoes. In Mr. Fairweather’s words: "I suppose you could say I have a potato-centric view of the world." (Newsweek, 5/30/88.) But centrists are seldom so healthy.
Anthropo-centrism has been our world-champion Centrism. It’s come close to K.O.ing the Earth (a T.K.O.—a Technical Knock-Out). But it’s long been on (...)

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Wednesday 21 March 2007
-4- Beyond Civilization
For the Region, there is no State and there are no State lines. The State is a parasitical growth on the Region, something exterior, hostile, threatening. It has no life of its own, but drains vitality from the living Community. It has rightly been called the "cold monster" that steals even our words, and claims to speak for us. The State is inherently genocidal. It murders all that it cannot assimilate. What is left after this Pyric and Vampiric act is only a State apparatus, the State Machine. (Even the old "political machine" had to die—for not being mechanical enough, and (...)

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Tuesday 20 March 2007
-5- Anti-Theses on Regionalism
Regions are wild. For State and Capital, wilderness means wasteland. They look upon the wild with a cruel and rapacious eye. They hunger to rape and plunder the wild. They yearn to subdue, control, exploit and kill all that lives freely. The antithesis of the wild is the domesticated—controlled for the ends of power. The same forces that seek to destroy wild nature, destroy wild mind. (See Gary Snyder’s "Good, Wild, Sacred"). Out of ancient forests and ancient communities, they produce tree farms & suburbia (tree farms, the suburbia of trees; suburbia, the tree farm of humanity). (...)

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Monday 19 March 2007
-6- The Waste Land
What hath civilization wrought? Vespucciland has already made the Mighty Mesechabe its sewer (Capitalist Sewer-regionalism), it has sent us garbage barges, and now it sends its wastes to the Delta in trains! Post-modern politics becomes auto-critique. Never before has there been a political cause célèbre like the "Poo-Poo Choo-Choo" presently incensing Mesechabean citizens. Indeed, the Mesechabeans would like to cast some aspersions on our bene-factors (doers of their noble duty), who seek to transform our Mesechabe Delta, the Ravine of the World, into a veritable Sierra Merdre. (...)

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Saturday 24 February 2007
-7- Ghosts
It is of the nature of the Louisianian to create Order through Anarchy: This is the lesson of Gumbo; this is the lesson of Jazz.
—Lafcadio Bocage,
(trans., M. Cafard)
What is true in our mysterious Delta region can, in its own way, be true anywhere. Let us never forget the words of the wise Mesechabean!
Ghosts Along the Mesechabe
A phantom is haunting Europa. Breton stated it well, with all the power of inadvertency: "The earth, draped in its verdant cloak, makes as little impression upon me as a ghost." What Breton consciously (...)

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