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Tuesday 23 October 2007
Andrei Codrescu
Max Cafard became legendary when "The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto" first appeared in Exquisite Corpse in 1990. The question "Who is Max Cafard?" is still being asked with some regularity at our offices. Max Cafard became one of the "surregions" of his own generative imagination when his insurgent writing gave our readers the sudden frisson that they were in the presence of something new. One never forgets that frisson when first encountering Nietzsche, Cioran, Derrida, or Deleuze. Imagine the lucky contemporaries of those thinkers who were first on the scene when that writing appeared! The (...)

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Monday 22 October 2007
Instead of a Preface
One looks to a preface to find the "original face" (the pre-face) of a work. The author has presumably read the book to the end, and is seemingly in a fairly good position to fill the reader in on what to expect. The preface thus bears a slightly absurd relationship to the work. It claims to face what is to come, but inevitably looks back to what is already completed. So the book begins in bad faith, shamelessly tricking the reader. And perhaps also the writer. This is one reason why Laozi, the anti-foundationalist founder of Daoism plays such an important role in what "follows." He (...)

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