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Wednesday 24 October 2007
Nietzschean Anarchy & the Post-Mortem Condition. Part I
In a friend one should have one’s best enemy" says Zarathustra [Z168], and Nietzsche certainly proves himself to be the best friend and the best enemy of anarchism.
Even a cursory survey of Nietzsche’s works reveals that the term "anarchist" is for him invariably a term of abuse. He sees anarchism as one of the most baneful expressions of that psychic malaise called ressentiment, and a symptom of modern society’s grave and perhaps terminal illness—destructive nihilism. What better friend could anarchists possibly wish for than this brilliant and uncompromising enemy?
Yet (...)

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Thursday 25 October 2007
Nietzschean Anarchy and the Post-Mortem Condition. Part II. Post-Mortemist Nietzsche
"What is Post-Mortemism?" Above all, the "Post-Mortem" is a nihilistic form of consciousness emerging from forces of decline, separation, disintegration, negation, and, in short, Thanatos. Post-Mortemism, can thus, as the expression of an absolute spirit of negation, validly present itself as the most radical form of theoretical Anarchy. But despite attempts by Post-Mortemists to claim Nietzsche as one of their prophets, Post-Mortemism itself falls victim to Nietzsche’s anti-anarchist critique.
Nietzsche distinguishes between an "active nihilism" (...)

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