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NASA wants you to protect Earth


NASA will test experimental anti-asteroid technology in a new mission, and now you can test your space skills and take a quiz to participate in the mission.

The mission is called DART or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, and its comet and asteroid deflection technology could launch as early as November 23.


The craft will be launched on a SpaceX rocket from the Vandenberg 4 East space launch complex in CaliforniaCredit: Document – Getty

A quiz on the NASA website asks five questions about asteroids, the redirect test, and the Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

Passing the quiz rewards users with a digital certificate and badge to share on social networks.

The DART spacecraft was built by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland, according to, and it’s getting ready for launch later this month.

The craft will be launched on a SpaceX rocket from Space Launch Complex 4 East in Vandenberg, California.

The spacecraft will impact the asteroid with great force in an attempt to change its course.

Even though the asteroid he will visit, a near-Earth asteroid called Didymos, is not a threat to Earth, he will allow the NASA team to measure the impact of the DART mission.

This technology could be useful if an asteroid or other object threatens the planet.

You can support the DART mission by taking the quiz here.

NASA wants you to protect Earth – see if you qualify for their DART asteroid defense mission

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