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Pixel 6 Pro could support 33W fast charging | Rumored October 19 unveiling


(Photo: Image from Google Store) Pixel 6 Pro could support 33W fast charging | Rumored October 19 unveiling

The Pixel 6 Pro could support a new limit for the smartphone, noting a potential fast charge of 33W! The 33W fast charging rumor also details that the charging process could be done via wired charging as opposed to today’s trendy wireless charging.

Google Pixel 6 Pro 33W Potential Wired Charging

XDA developers have now corroborated a new report from August noting that the upcoming Pixel 6 series could support 33W wired charging. The point-of-sale source notes that at least one Pixel 6 Pro model could offer charging. faster compared to previous generation Pixel phones.

It was noted that the previous generation Pixel phones had limitations that could not go beyond 18W. The new limitations, if true, could see the Pixel phone exceed almost double its previous 18W limit.

Pixel Pro charging speeds

Apparently, Taiwan’s own telecommunications regulator, known as the National Communications Commission, or rather NCC, has actually given the green light to the Pixel Pro along with the accompanying documents that support speeds. charge ahead. Upcoming charging speeds would be a 15W 5V / 3A, an 18W 9V / 2A, a 27W 9V / 3A and even a 33W 11V / 3A.

While there has only been one Pixel 6 Pro model that would have been certified by the NCC, it is notably unlikely that a variant will support 33W charging. Google has also previously hinted that the charger would actually be sold separately.

33W for a 5000 mAh battery?

According to PhoneArena’s story, while some might actually consider 33W insufficient for a phone that actually appears to have a 5,000mAh battery, especially compared to other Chinese Android handsets like the capable Xiaomi 11 T Pro To quickly charge from zero to full in just 17 minutes, the article notes that higher charging speeds could affect long-term battery health.

Google could also launch a brand new Pixel Stand for its upcoming 2021 flagships, which would offer 23W wireless charging. The official Mountain View company has talked a lot to PhoneArena about the supposed Pixel duo and is now aggressively marketing the series. future. This is ahead of the rumored October 19 reveal.

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Potential specifications to come

For starters, they would be backed up by a bespoke Tensor processor. It actually seems a bit experimental. Phones will also get a facelift and even new camera sensors. For now, the iPhone SE 256GB model has also been pulled from Apple’s official online store, which could mean discontinuing the option.

A number of reports have also indicated that they will be supported for the next five years by Google. For now, however, the price is still a mystery. At this time, Google has yet to officially announce details for the Pixel 6 Pro.

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