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Quickly Lock Your Laptop Screen With These Keyboard Shortcuts

Laptops have dozens of handy keyboard shortcuts to make your job easier. You can force apps to close, take screenshots, and — maybe our favorite shortcut — reopen the browser tab you didn’t want to close.

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Remembering to lock your laptop if you go away is probably one of the most important things to remember – whether you’re back in the office or working remotely. An unlocked laptop is vulnerable. Even if you’re only away for a few minutes, someone could read your messages, send an email from your account, play with your files, or steal confidential data.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts that will keep your laptop secure:

Lock your MacBook screen by pressing Control + Command + Q. This keyboard shortcut will immediately take you to the laptop lock screen and you will have to re-enter your password to get back there. For even faster locking, press the button power button once.

If you’re using Windows, you can always lock your screen when you’re away. Windows users can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose To block in the list of options. You can also press the Windows key + L to lock your screen. If you’re not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can also click the The start menu icon, click your username then click To block.

For more information see our definitive guide to Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts and our favorite Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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