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Scammers masquerading as tech support staff attempted to cheat the duo with life savings; Police Trouble Alert, Courts & Crime News & Highlights


SINGAPORE – Con artists posing as technical support staff at local telecommunications companies or government agencies are on the prowl, police warned in a public alert on Thursday (October 14).

It comes after two people nearly lost their savings to the perpetrators last month. The crooks gained access to their computers and attempted to transfer over $ 300,000 from each person’s bank account.

Fortunately, OCBC’s vigilant bank agents and its fraud monitoring system detected the suspicious transfer requests and the bank contacted the duo. He stopped the transactions when he learned that they were not authorized.

The crooks operate by calling their victims and pretending to be from a government agency or telecommunications company, police said.

These “tech support staff” would tell victims that their Wi-Fi routers are being used for illegal purposes. They can also tell victims that their computers or mobile devices have been infected with viruses.

Victims would then be asked to install remote access software, such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk, so that crooks can gain access to computers or devices.

Once the crooks had access to it, they would request the victims ‘internet banking information and use it to transfer money from the victims’ bank accounts.

Police reminded the public that no legitimate service provider will ask for internet banking information.

However, if a person is already the victim of such a scam, they should shut down their computer immediately to cut off access for scammers, police said.

He must then change his bank details on the Internet, remove unauthorized beneficiaries from his accounts and report the incident to the bank.

He should also make a police report.


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