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PERLMAN, Fredy. "Progress & Nuclear Power : The Destruction of the Continent and Its Peoples"

Fifth Estate, April 8, 1979

Eberhardt Press, offset.

This article first appeared in a special anti-nuclear issue of Fifth Estate magazine on April 8, 1979. It was written earlier in that year just after an accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in eastern Pennsylvania. As news of the accident spread, official messages insisted, "There is no need to overreact, the situation is stable, the leaders have everything under control," but eventually people living near the plant had to be evacuated. Here Fredy reminds us how the original inhabitants of this region were duped and destroyed by the platitudes, promises and police that always accompany Capital.


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PERLMAN, Fredy. "Progress & Nuclear Power : The Destruction of the Continent and Its Peoples",
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PERLMAN, Fredy (August 20, 1934, Brno, Czechoslovakia 1934-July 26, 1985 Detroit, Michigan).
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