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DUBERMAN, Martin.- Haymarket : a novel

New York : Seven Stories Press, 2003. ISBN : 1583226184

"A historically faithful first novel that brings to life late nineteenth-century Chicago and a handful of remarkable individuals who were willing to dedicate and ultimately give up their lives for what they believed in : human dignity for every person. On the night of May 4, 1886, during a peaceful demonstration in Haymarket Square in Chicago, a dynamite bomb was thrown into the ranks of police trying to disperse the crowd. The officers immediately opened fire, killing a number of protestors and wounding some two hundred others. At a time of bitter class war and a groundswell of working-class radicalism, the Haymarket Riot produced a wave of hysteria across the nation, leading ultimately to the trial and hanging of the leaders of the anarchist/socialist movement.

Albert Parsons was the best-known of those hung ; Haymarket is his story. Lucy Gonzalez was the outspoken black woman with whom he fell in love. The novel tells the story of their lives together, of their growing political involvement, of their colorful circle of "co-conspirators"-immigrants, radical intellectuals, journalists, advocates of the working class-and of the events culminating in bloodshed."

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