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GALLEANI, Luigi (Verceil, Piemonte, Italia 1861/08/12 - Capprigliola, Italia 1931/04/11)

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GALLEANI, Luigi (12 ag. 1861, Vercelli, Italia - 4 nov. 1931, Caprigliola di Aulla, Italia
GALLEANI, Luigi (Verceil, Piemonte, Italy 1861/08/12 - Capprigliola, Italy 1931/04/11)

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D’ATTILIO, Robert. La Salute è in Voi : the Anarchist Dimension
Source : Sacco Vanzetti Project 2002 (consulted July 23, 2003, but no longer available. Some minor corrections added here) to try to rescue the true face of the Revolution from oblivion and legend.... Victor Serge William G. Thompson, the chief counsel for Sacco and Vanzetti during the final three years of their legal struggle, has told us in a very moving memoir that he had been (...)

La Jacquerie
Aspects généraux



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