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Art : Discussion, History and Bibliography

Artículos :

ANTLIFF, Mark. "Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s Guerre sociale: Art, Anarchism and Anti-Militarism in Paris and London, 1910–1915"
ANTLIFF, Mark. “Contagious Joy: Anarchism and the reception of Jacob Epstein’s Tomb of Oscar Wilde, c. 1913”
LaCoss, Don.- Author, Surrealist, Anarchist (1964-2011)
LEIGHTEN, Patricia.- “The White Peril and L’Art nègre: Picasso, Primitivism, and Anticolonialism,”
O’Neill, Morna.- "Cartoons for the Cause ? Walter Crane’s The Anarchists of Chicago
SCRIVENER, Michael. "The Anarchist Aesthetic"
SIRY, Joseph M. "Chicago’s Auditorium Building : Opera or Anarchism"
ZERZAN, John. "The Case against Art"


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