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Film Reviews and Bibliography

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Other films commented in French : "Quand les anars se font leur cinéma"

Other films commented in Spanish

In our era of accelerating global capitalism, where constant upheaval of every kind—political, social, economic, cultural, environmental—is the rule, the search for a social system that brings prosperity with justice has never been sought by as many people. The history of anarchism, whose roots go back to mid-19th century France and Russia, is based on “utopia,” the ideal of mutual aid and voluntary cooperation in lieu of control by the state or private concentrations of power.

Perhaps better known for the means, or perhaps failures, in achieving its goals rather than the ends desired, anarchist philosophy nonetheless lies at the heart of numerous activist organizations and causes (left and right) worldwide and has shaped our popular and political culture in countless ways. Today, both terms of internal structure and external goals, much is indebted to the anarchist imagination. Yet for a broader public, the spectrum of anarchist ideals remains outside the confines of common understanding, ignored as outmoded, equated with failed Marxism/Communism, thought to be the dangerous (terrorist) passion of the underclass or simply the nihilism of the young.

But the continuing inquiry by writers, historians, artists, activists and filmmakers into the subject in our globalist age suggests that its relevance to the present continues. We hope this series offers insight into the revolutionary desire for a better world. "

NW Film Center : Portland Art Museum, May 2002 Festival

Articles :

1919, Crónica del alba
A life in the day of Man Ray
Alfred Levitt. A Life Considered.
An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman : The Radical Life of Emma Goldman
An Injury to One
Anarchists on Screen 1901 - 2003/ Marianne Enckell & Eric Jarry
Anarchy USA
Anarchy TV
Angelopoulos, Theo. "Alexander the Great" (O Megalexandros)
Butterfly (La lengua de las mariposas)
Entertaining Angels : the Dorothy Day Story
Eros plus Massacre
Freedom Fighters (Libertarias)
I.F. Stone’s Weekly
Il figlio di Bakunin (The Son of Bakunin)
L’Aigle à Deux Têtes (The Two-Headed Eagle)
La Cecilia
Lady Snowblood 2 : Love Song of Vengeance (SHURA-YUKI-HIME : URAMI RENGA)
Land and Freedom (Tierra y Libertad)
Libera, My Love (Libera, Amore Mio)
Living Utopia (Vivir la utopia)
Lucy Parsons Meets William Morris
Luis Buñuel
Man Ray - Prophet of the Avant-Garde
O Pão negro. Um episódio da Colônia Cecília
Ormai è fatta !
Paradise Now
Profiles in Courage : John Peter Altgeld
Repentance (Monanieba)
Revenge of Trinity (Trinity sees Red) or Wind’s Fierce (La Cólera del viento)
ROUDINE, V. " Art for the People ? (The Slanderous Cinema)" [1913]. I
ROUDINE, V. " Art for the People ? (The Slanderous Cinema)" [1913]. II
Saint Michael had a rooster (San Michele aveva un gallo)
Sartre par lui-même ( Sartre by Himself)
Signals through the Flames
Some Curiosities. I. The Voice of the Violin
Some Curiosities. II. Winterset
Some Curiosities. III. The Tree of Guernica (L’arbre de Guernica)
The American Experience : Emma Goldman
The Anarchist Guest. Emma Goldman
The Libertarians (Libertarios)
The Mystery of Oberwald (Il Mistero di Oberwald)
The New Babylon (Novy Vavilon)
The Thief
The Wobblies
Viva la Muerte
Viva Zapata ! (1952)
¿Por qué perdimos la guerra ? (Why Did We Loose the War ?)

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