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Sumter’s Summer of Caring donations provide quick relief in an emergency


When you need help paying your bills or fixing your air conditioner in the middle of summer, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Sumter Item’s Summer of Caring helps alleviate some of these concerns by raising funds for Sumter United Ministries during the summer months. The money is used to help the faith-based nonprofit organization provide its clients from emergency services like food, shelter and clothing to life rebuilding services like HVAC and roof repairs. medical assistance and more.

Kevin Howell answered the question “When will I know?” Is one of the most common things he and his team hear at Crisis Relief Ministry. It is requested in reference to their decision to help and the amount of financial assistance they could offer.

“Same day you interview” is the answer.

“It gives me enormous satisfaction to give this answer,” said Howell. “Of all the flattering words that could be addressed to CRM, ‘quick’ is the one that makes me happiest. Not that our interview process was quick (sometimes a little too long), but that someone filled with anxiety about a need that has a direct impact on their lives can be interviewed and answered on the same day. Being mindful of the customer experience, one of the best things we can do is streamline the process and to make a decision quickly. “

Howell recalled the situation of a woman they recently helped. The woman, in her mid-forties, came to seek help with an electric bill. She was in final notification status with her account with only one day remaining before logging out. She was unfamiliar with Sumter United Ministries and had never visited before, which was why she had gone to see them so close to her logout date.

“She was only working a few weeks before when her doctor told her of the dreaded diagnosis: cancer. Her doctor urged her to stop working immediately and get chemotherapy treatment. Her job did not offer disability insurance. . Her only option was to file a short-term Social Security disability claim. Unfortunately, this is a process that requires a long application and review. Her critical needs will grow exponentially while she is without. earned income, while awaiting Social Security’s decision, “Howell said. It was obvious to Howell and her team that she had experienced a sudden crisis and deserved to be assisted.

“She walked in, interviewed and received financial aid (among other forms of aid) on the same day,” he said. “The peace of mind that comes with a need resolved so quickly is evident in the tears of joy shed in our offices. I’m not sure ‘tears shed’ is a statistic to keep, but it is a sign. great relief our clients often experience when we are able to help them.The faster we can provide relief, the better!

New donations as of June 29: Charlie Pitts, in honor of Dr. Jessica Allinger: $ 25; and Jane Collins, $ 20.


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