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Terra Mia Italia – the commercial network that promotes top quality Italian products


The high quality, the excellence of the producing companies, the traceability of the products, the safe transactions, the protection of the Italian products, the direct dialogue between the producers and the large distribution chains, the member services – this is the best that can be offered to consumers looking for quality products.

Terra Mia Italia is a network of companies that aims to safeguard Italian agricultural and food products. The new project focuses on blockchain, the war on Italian-sounding products and DNA markers in order to get premium products on the shelves. The project is based on a contract which brings together around 150 products and 400 companies in Italy, POs and national cooperatives under a network contract. FreshPlaza spoke about it with Marco Bellucci, president of Terra Mia Italia and consultant working in Italy and abroad to promote Italian products.

Marco bellucci

FP – What will be the first products to hit the market?
MB – We started with the citrus campaign, with a wide range from Sicily and Calabria, followed by the whole range. We have old varieties of forgotten fruits, cucurbits, stone fruits, strawberries, lettuce, vegetables, Sila potatoes and organic products. These premium products are the result of careful selection work and are intended for the large distribution chain and an audience that understands our philosophy.

FP – What are the objectives of Terra Mia Italia?
MB – Obtain higher margins for producers and added value for the large distribution chain. This will be possible because, for the first time, producers will have a direct relationship with the large distribution chain, bypassing intermediate figures to make their work profitable.

FP – Everything goes through a Blockchain. How? ‘Or’ What?
MB – It is a decentralized digital ledger that has many advantages. The first is the creation of an ecosystem, as it provides a view of each business transaction to all involved. The second is information security, because all network transactions are recorded. The third is product traceability, which allows the entire production chain to be traced. Product QR codes are generated in batches that let customers and end consumers know their true story. This goes hand in hand with the use of DNA markers. The fourth is the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), that is, advanced technologies that include temperature sensors for the transport of frozen products in refrigerated units. Terra Mia Italia has a platform developed specifically by Food Chain Spa and made available to its associates for product traceability purposes.

FP – Are made in Italy and made by Italy products also protected?
MB – Of course. I have been fighting for this since 2004: I remember when I was working in the United States and I found myself in front of a series of products made in Mexico and marketed as Italian. The taste was terrible and they were obviously counterfeit. It was then that I began to defend our companies and our products. Counterfeiting and Italian-sounding phenomena are increasingly present. In the agro-food sector alone, turnover is 90 billion euros per year, almost three times our exports. There have been many attempts to defend our productions, but we still have Parmesan made in Wisconsin or Asiago and Gorgonzola made in the USA. The Italian-sounding phenomenon is of great importance around the world: in the United States and Canada, 97% of sauces are imitations, along with 94% of canned and 76% of canned tomatoes.

FP – What platforms does Terra Mia Italia operate on?
MB – They are spread throughout the peninsula, from Lombardy (San Giuliano Milanese) to Sicily – Pachino and Vittoria – and Sardinia. Then we have Locri, Corigliano, San Ferdinando, Rosarno and Sila in Calabria, Metaponto in Puglia, Bari and Barletta in Puglia, the region of Agropontino in Lazio and Perugia in Umbria.

FP – What internationalization services are available to members?
MB – The internationalization office of Confindustria Reggio Calabria aims to help companies achieve or strengthen their presence in the foreign market through a wide range of services and activities that include export controls, the opening of virtual offices in chambers of commerce abroad, support in obtaining financing and technical assistance for trade with foreign markets.

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