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The commissioners authorize the acceptance of grants


At Tuesday’s Commissioners’ Tribunal meeting, the tribunal will adopt a proclamation to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the local non-profit organization, Nosotros La Gente, which provides assistance to families in need and promotes equality and justice for all citizens.

There will also be a presentation given by Charlie Campise regarding the October 2021 Hill Country Mental Health Development Disabilities Board meeting.

During the meeting, the court will authorize the acceptance of a grant from the Governor’s Office, Homeland Security Grants Division.

The $ 10,000 grant will be awarded to Hays County HazMat Monitor Maintenance. The court initially authorized the filing of the grant application in January 2021.

The funding will be used to provide annual maintenance of the HazMat team monitors to increase the life of specialized equipment and enable the team to respond to an incident with durable equipment.

Commissioners will also seek to authorize a grant from the Office of Justice Assistance to provide financial assistance for the purchase of bulletproof vests for county law enforcement officers.

Grant funds of $ 5,479.58 will come from the Office of Justice program and the Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest partnership, as well as a 50% match with the county. Hays County received $ 5,479.58, making the required 50% match to $ 2,739.79.

Three more grants will be authorized by the Office of the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division, with the first amounting to $ 39,505.49. This grant will go to the Victim Assistance Program for the Hays County Victim Assistance Coordinator.

Funding will be used for staff to provide services and assistance directly to victims of crime to accelerate their recovery and assist them throughout the criminal justice process.

The second grant will also go to the Victims Assistance Program, with the $ 40,979.92 going to the Family Justice Center.

The third grant from the Criminal Justice Division will serve as a renewal of the Hays County Mental Health Crisis Intervention Grant in the amount of $ 57,374.31.

The grant money will provide ongoing funding for a certified mental health professional position within the sheriff’s office who would assess and provide resources to those experiencing crisis.

The final Commissioner’s Authorization Grant will be a grant of $ 28,989 from the US Department of Justice and the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program.

The County of Hays and the City of San Marcos will enter into an interlocal agreement which will be provided at a later date. The County of Hays will retain funding of $ 10,120 and the Town of San Marcos will receive funding of $ 18,869.

The city of San Marcos plans to use its funds to purchase forensic equipment for the San Marcos Police Department, Criminal Investigation Unit. Hays County plans to use the funding to purchase twelve full vests as well as part of a thirteenth full vests. There is a demand for the county to provide the remaining $ 229 to purchase the thirteenth vest.

There will also be discussions and possible actions to allow the Hays County Health Department to provide flu shots to county employees and their eligible dependents on the county health plan.

Commissioners will have the opportunity to comment on what projects they would like to see considered for American Rescue Plan Act funds. Distribution of ARPA funds administered by the US Treasury Department.

Discussions and possible actions to authorize an interlocal agreement for access to drilling and completion of a groundwater monitoring well and to conduct groundwater monitoring between Hays County and the Conservation District of Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer (BSEACD) will be held during the meeting.

Under the agreement, BSEACD will install a monitoring well on the property upstream from Jacob’s Well. This will better understand the availability of groundwater in Hays County and the region and provide data for the management of groundwater resources.

The Commissioners Tribunal meeting will begin at 9 a.m. at the historic Hays County Courthouse, located at 111 E. San Antonio St.

Those who wish to participate in public comments can submit a public participation / witness form to the county clerk before 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

For those not attending the meeting but still wanting to submit public comments to read in Commissioners Tribunal, visit the Hays County website to complete and submit a PDF form to [email protected] no later than 5 p.m. on the day before a meeting of the Commissioners Tribunal.

To view the full meeting agenda or watch the live stream from the Commissioners Tribunal, visit


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