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True story, the title of Netflix’s fictional drama miniseries starring Kevin Hart, is fitting since the comedian was once part of a real-life extortion attempt. Much about the main character, Kid, seems to be taken directly from Hart’s own life, with the major change being a potential murder case instead of a cheating scandal.

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While Kid is truly a fascinating character, he’s not the only one to dominate the proceedings. His brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) impresses too, as do many other members of the comedian’s inner circle. But while most of the characters are solid enough to get viewers involved, some are likable while others are quite boring.

ten Carlton

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in True Story

The former criminal actively tries to help his famous younger brother Kid get rid of the “body” of his one-night stand, Daphne. But in one of the biggest TV twists of recent times, it’s revealed that Daphne is alive and Carlton is trying to defraud Kid.

There isn’t a single thing to admire about Carlton. He shows how self-absorbed and indifferent he is by getting Kid to drink at the bar, while the comedian tried to sob. Attempting to extract $ 6 million from his younger brother using fraudulent means is also strange since Kid loves him so much that he could have willingly offered him all the financial help he needed. There is also no way for Carlton to redeem himself after accusing obsessive but innocent fan Gene of Ari’s murder, resulting in a tragic death.

9 Ari

Greek gangster Ari mocks Kid in True Story

Ari is brought in by Carlton as a “cleaner” to help get rid of Daphne’s body. He becomes arrogant and mocks Kid so much that the star breaks up and strangles him to death.

From the moment he’s featured, Ari gives fans every reason to hate him because he’s too much of a bully. Traditionally, the people in Ari’s job tend to be low-key and less talkative, but instead of pretending to do the cleaning job, the gangster begins to taunt Kid. He mistakenly thinks he’s so intimidating that the comedian will do whatever he wants, but instead he gets garrisoned. Therefore, he ruins the extortion plan.


8 Daphne

Daphne seduces Kid in a nightclub and forces him to bring her back to his hotel room. She is later declared dead by Carlton, but it later appears that she is alive and well and was planning to acquire $ 6 million from Kid. She also happens to be the girlfriend of Carlton whose real name is Simone.

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Agreeing to sleep with her boyfriend’s brother just for her to later claim to be dead places her perfectly on the despicable list as a good partner would certainly object to such a plan. Plus, Daphne would have been cooler if she had been a careful criminal. Instead, she walks the streets freely, causing Kid to spot her and force her to confess.

7 Savvas

Chris Diamantopoulos in True Story

The Greek gangster kicks in when his brother, Ari, goes missing and is found dead. He mutilates and murders his way to the truth, but ends up getting killed too.

Savvas is too brutal to ever please fans. The limited gore of the series is mainly brought out through him, as he is frequently seen torturing and murdering his victims in the most gruesome way possible. The way he kills Gene leaves a bad taste since the obsessive fan was innocent. It’s a happy moment when Kid finally shoots him in the finale.

6 Uncomfortable

True story of Theo Rossi

The obsessive fan keeps numerous photos and newspaper articles on Kid. As he tracks down the superstar, he sees him bury Ari’s body and records it. Kid then makes him a member of his circle in order to silence him.

Kid isn’t exactly hateful, but he looks scary. Usually, normal fans don’t follow their idols while recording videos or keep hundreds of articles about them. Gene is also easily manipulated by Kid and Carlton, so he removes the incriminating video. He also takes responsibility for Ari’s murder and gets clubbed, which could be considered one of the most tragic deaths on television.

5 Herschel

Child Herschel's bodyguard watches him go training without him in True Story

Kind’s bodyguard is the perfect subordinate as he follows every order given to him. When he finds out that the comedian has been keeping secrets from him, he becomes resentful and also asks for $ 6 million to keep quiet.

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Herschel has fans in his corner first, thanks to the calm manner in which he goes about his job. Unfortunately, he spoils it all by demanding Kid’s money as well. His sudden greed comes as a shock and it puts him in the same boat as Carlton and Ari, even though these two have far more serious sins.

4 Child

The true story of Kevin Hart

Everything goes wrong for Kid when his brother Carlton cheats on him into believing Daphne died on his bed after a night out. Trying to cover up Daphne’s disappearance, he ends up digging a deeper hole

Before all hell breaks loose, Kid is simply the quintessential celebrity trying to get her job done. At this point in his life, he is adorable. He loves Monyca, even if they go their separate ways, and cares about his son very much. However, when he begins to conceal his damage, he transforms into a monster. It’s hard to look at Kid the same way when he goes from someone who would never step on an ant to killing four people, including his own brother.

3 Todd

Paul Adelstein's true story

Kid’s manager pulled thick, thin strings to get him to where he is today. He assumes all is well but soon learns that his client has been the victim of a major extortion attempt.

Todd has a record for incisions among the best TV bosses of all time. His tendency to be understanding and easygoing makes him appealing to fans. When Billie threatens to stop writing kid jokes, Todd doesn’t get angry. Instead, he advises her to take the new job offered to her by Will Farell and keep doing what she does for Kid. He’s not the type to panic either and this is best demonstrated when he finds out about the crimes Kid has been caught in.

2 Billie

Tawny Newsome True Story

Billie is introduced as the behind-the-curtain member of the Kid’s team who delivers most of her hilarious monologues. After receiving an offer from Will Farell, she considers resigning but is advised to stay. Additionally, she begins a relationship with Herschel.

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The comedy writer also deserves credit for making Kid a star. Despite the huge role she plays in her career, she doesn’t brag about it. She simply sees it as her duty. Even when she decides to do her own stand-up series, it’s hard to blame her because Kid isn’t exactly the most grateful person. Plus, her relationship with Herschel is the most authentic on the show.

1 Monyca

Monyca and Kid are in the process of getting a divorce, but she cares about him so much that they would be mistaken for a couple on their honeymoon. She turns out to be something of an unofficial Kid’s advisor.

Monyca is the ex-dream wife because she makes Kid’s life easier instead of going to court battles. Her advice has benefited Kid greatly to the point that he always looks to her for advice, even if they go their separate ways. She also supports not only Kid but also their son, thus presenting herself as the perfect family woman.

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