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The SPFL brings to six the maximum number of loans per club for next season

The Scottish Professional Football League have changed their club loan rules for next season.

Following a recommendation from the Regulatory Subgroup on the Joint Coronavirus Response, the maximum number of players on loan at any club at any one time has been increased from four to six.

Clubs can now loan two players from the same club in the same division, an increase of one, and four from a club in a different division, instead of two.

In addition, the exemption currently granted to Ligue 1 and 2 clubs allowing them to sign players on loan in September and February has been extended to league clubs.

The ‘September’ window was changed to October as the Scottish FA have confirmed that the Scottish transfer window will close on October 5th.

SPFL Managing Director Neil Doncaster said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges for clubs across all divisions in Scotland.

“As we look to a return to competitive football, changes in loan regulations are just one way to help clubs build a squad for the coming season.

“We recognize that there are currently a large number of players without contracts and these changes simply give our members more flexibility in planning the new season.

“In addition to helping clubs field a competitive squad for the coming season, these changes will also allow young players to gain experience in senior football.

“This is especially important given the uncertainty over clubs’ appetite for reserve competition this season.

“It is vitally important that Scottish football show flexibility to deal with the myriad of challenges football faces as we continue to deal with the fallout from the global pandemic.

“Increasing flexibility within the FBCL loan system is clearly a practical way to achieve this.”

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