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There will be no official GOG Steam Deck support

There’s bad news for fans of DRM-free games: there won’t be official GOG Steam Deck support, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible.

You’re probably already familiar with the Steam Deck: it’s a portable gaming PC that was first revealed last summer. It looked like a pretty sturdy device at first glance – as you’d expect, it pretty much sold out in no time.

Part of the appeal of the Steam Deck is the growing library of games that will be available to play, combined with its integration with the Steam ecosystem. Unfortunately, this list of games won’t include anything exclusive to DRM-free game retailer GOG – at least not officially.

Although Steam is more popular, GOG has had its own desktop client GOG Galaxy for several years.

GOG Steam Deck support should still be possible

Although the news of GOG Steam Deck’s lack of official support is a bit depressing, it may eventually turn into a minor inconvenience as discussed in a tweet of the company (via ResetEra).

“There is no official GOG support for SteamDeck,” reads the tweet. “But as the device has an open architecture, as we understand, you can install Windows and as such also run GOG games.”

Indeed, the Steam Deck’s flexibility in allowing you to install other operating systems is one of its strengths. Since GOG Galaxy runs on Windows, that means you should be able to run it on a Steam Deck running Windows instead of the default SteamOS. That wouldn’t be the only option, though – as this ResetEra thread points out, there’s a neat program called Lutris that would let you run GOG (and several other game clients as well, Steam included).

The true extent of what’s possible, however, won’t be revealed until the Steam Deck has been in public hands for some time. We already know that the Wii emulator and GameCube Dolphin can run on the Steam Deck – God knows what other cool stuff will be running on the Steam Deck in the future, officially or not.