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I was an immigrant to the United States

To achieve this status, I had to undergo a thorough physical exam to prove that I was in good health, that I would not be a burden on the health care system, and that I did not have a communicable disease that could be transmitted to people. others. I had to get permission from the federal police in my country to prove that I was not a criminal and that I did not have a criminal background. I had to prove that I had been educated and trained in a profession that was in demand in the United States. I had to prove that I had a job waiting for me in the United States, with an affidavit from my employer. I had to get clearance from the US Department of Labor that I actually had a profession in demand in the US

It all took a little time, a minimum of six months and a bit expensive. But I went through it all like so many other law-abiding immigrants have and still do to enter this country legally. If there is a quota, then you must wait your turn; it can be years.

Weren’t we stupid when all we had to do was cross the border, say that we are being harassed at home by an unknown entity and that we have free access to this country, free access to health care? health, generous financial aid and the freedom to spread whatever disease we have in this country. All we have to do is promise to vote Democrat whether he is eligible or not. Another, even simpler, way is to simply sneak across the border. You don’t have to answer their silly questions then and you can bring in all the contraband you want. These people were once called illegal aliens. Who has changed status?


Hubbard Lake

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