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There is no better laptop. The Cyworx combines comfort and functionality in a sophisticated and fungible package.

Main characteristics
  • Ergonomic seats
  • Ventilation for cooling the laptop
  • Integrated smartphone or tablet holder
  • Peripheral storage
  • Bamboo
  • Mark: Nerdytec
  • Equipment: Bamboo and fabric
  • Compatibility: All laptops
  • Ventilation: Yes
  • Weight: 11.31 lbs (5.1 kg)
  • Crazy comfort
  • Elegant design
  • Spacious upper deck
  • Versatile design
  • High quality construction
The inconvenients
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not for lefties
  • Not very portable
  • Poorly designed mouse pouch
  • Ventilation slots interfere with keyboards
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Couchmaster Nerdytec Cyworx

My favorite product of 2021 isn’t a laptop or keyboard: it’s like a tv tray or laptop. It might sound silly, but make no mistake about it. The $ 158 nerdytec Couchmaster Cyworx is more than a coaster. It is a laptop desk (lapdesk) that turns your sofa into the most comfortable office chair there is. While pricey, it’s worth every penny for anyone who enjoys working from their sofa, bed, or recliner.

Is nerdytec legit?

Nerdytec is originally from Germany, but their products are sold worldwide, including on While Amazon suffers from a serious problem with fake reviews (how to spot fake reviews on Amazon), nerdytec’s score is legitimate. For example, Analysis of Cyworx by ReviewMeta indicates that it is free of fraud.

Specifications and measurements

  • Materials: Gray polyester twill and bamboo fabric
  • Weight: 5.13 kilograms or 11.31 pounds
  • Pillow Dimensions: 60x15x20cm
  • Dimensions of the board: 75x36x12cm
  • Other: Slot for smartphone / tablet, two pockets for peripherals, one removable mouse pocket

This is what you get


The Cyworx is basically two compressed foam pillows that support a sustainably harvested bamboo plank. Foam pillows arrive compressed in a vacuum sealed bag. After piercing the bag, the pillows suck in air in an overnight re-inflation process. After re-inflating, the foam pillows are ready to go. There is hardly any other assembly required, although if you want to remove wrinkles from the twill pillowcase, nerdytec recommends using an iron. Personally, I don’t mind wrinkles because they are barely noticeable.


Configuring the Couchmaster Cyworx


Setting up the Couchmaster Cyworx is straightforward. The computer rests on the board and you sit between the two pillows with the wooden board stretched over both. Sounds simple, right? He is!

There’s also an optional mouse holder and mouse pad, both of which use a removable stick-pad. However, the sticky pad of the mouse holder is larger than the part of the bamboo board it attaches to, resulting in a slight overlap. Unfortunately, this design oversight causes the mouse sleeve to bulge into its own stick pad.


Strange as it sounds, this is a minor issue at worst.

The competition


A thug’s gallery of poorly made laptop trays haunts Amazon shelves. While inexpensive knee trays can accommodate a laptop, drink, and smartphone, their height makes them unwieldy and uncomfortable. Enter the Cyworx, the Tesla of sofas. The Cyworx is expensive, but its size allows it to serve as a small desk. On the other hand, it doesn’t collapse like folding desks do.


You might think that a $ 30 platter does the same thing as the Cyworx. You would be wrong. They are not even comparable. For starters, inexpensive laptrays offer no support for your elbows. And even worse, it feels like they’re designed for NBA centers. I developed arm cramps because the lap platform is high enough to require bending my elbows. This terrible level of posture leads to repetitive stress injuries.


Extremely comfortable

After using the Couchmaster for a month, I can’t help but think that all desks should replace office chairs with sofas. There is no reason why we shouldn’t all work in total comfort. So how does the Couchmaster Cyworx work? And why is it so comfortable?

It works like this: The Cyworx is the same depending on a standard, inexpensive desk or TV tray, but with a twist: the pillows also serve as built-in elbow rests. So not only do they allow you to comfortably align your elbows with your keyboard and mouse, but they also allow you to type without flexing your wrists, which can reduce repetitive stress injuries (RSI).


Good peripheral storage

In addition to comfort, the Cyworx includes two side pockets for storing peripherals. One pocket is a mesh weave to hold the power adapter. The other pocket is used to store computer peripherals; there is an elastic band which prevents the waste from falling out. All in all, once you place things in the sofa armrests, they are easy to carry if you move from one sofa to another.

In other words, it’s perfect for those who like to work from multiple positions within their home. There is even scientific evidence that having several types of striking positions can reduce RSI.


However, it is not as easy to move as a cheap knee tray. Most inexpensive cover trays can collapse into a flat plane, making them much more portable and storable. For example, my own $ 20 desk has foldable aluminum legs. Other more expensive models use wooden or bamboo legs that fold inward, reducing their profile. As such, all folding desks are better choices for those with limited space in their home.

Excellent customer service

But no high-end product is worth its salt without top-notch customer service. And in this regard, the nerdytec customer service team does not disappoint. Nerdytec provides 24/7 customer support. However, 24-hour technical support is limited to email and WhatsApp. Their telephone hours, on the other hand, are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. German time. In other words, they probably won’t be reachable by North Americans except in the morning when most people are getting ready for work. Despite this, their service operators are fluent in English and serve North American needs.

To test nerdytec’s customer service, I sent out several bogus support requests via email. Their responses were courteous, always within 24 hours, and polite.

What I did not like

The Cyworx may dominate other laptops, but it’s not perfect. For starters, the mouse bag uses an adhesive strip that is larger than any surface of the bamboo board. Sometimes the tape will stick to the twill pillow. I imagine that over time this tape will lose its grip. But still, it’s weird.

No cup holder

The Cyworx doesn’t have a cup holder, which seems like a standard design choice on most budget laptops. While I don’t drink around my electronics, as I understand it, most people enjoy a cool drink at work.

Not for lefties

Another unfortunate design choice is that lefties, who use left-handed mice, cannot use the Cyworx. Sometimes manufacturers offer left-handed variants, but after searching the nerdytec online store, it seems that there are no left-handed options available.


The mouse bag is oddly designed

I suspect the mouse bag is designed to stick under the board, but according to nerdytec’s ad it is supposed to clip to the starboard edge of the bamboo plate. Unfortunately, this causes the adhesive strip to stick out and catch on the pillow.

mouse in pocket

The ventilation grid is too large

Finally, the ventilation grill creates an uneven surface where your keyword will need to go. The uneven surface may cause your keyboard to wobble. While adjusting the keyboard fixes this problem, it is still a minor irritant.


I don’t understand why nerdytec made the ventilation holes so big. After all, most laptops position the air intake fans toward the back of the laptop chassis. Still, nerdytec has covered most of the left side of the card with slits. I’m not sure why, but I can’t help but think it would have been a better product if it had been less important.

Should you buy the Nerdytec Couchmaster Cyworx?

There is no better laptop. The Cyworx combines comfort and functionality in a sophisticated and fungible package. Not only can you play games on a Cyworx, but you can also complete an eight-hour work day from the comfort of your couch. It might not be for everyone, especially if you’re left-handed or don’t have a lot of space in your home. But it’s a great TV tray and desk for anyone who wants to work and play from their couch, couch, or even a recliner, if it’s big enough.

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